Aligning Robot Representations with Humans

ICRA 2022, Workshop on *Collaborative Robots and Work of the Future*

Strengthening Subcommunities: Towards Sustainable Growth in AI Research

ICLR 2022, Workshop on *ML Evaluation Standards*

Investigations of Performance and Bias in Human-AI Teamwork in Hiring

AAAI 2022 (oral, top 4%) Also presented at CHI 2022 Workshop on *Trust and Reliance on AI-Human Teams*

On the Nature of Bias Percolation: Assessing Multiaxial Collaboration in Human-AI Systems

CHI 2020, Workshop on *Human-Centered Approaches to Fair and Responsible AI*

Human-Machine Collaboration for Fast Land Cover Mapping

AAAI 2020 (oral, top 3%) Also presented at ICLR 2020, NeurIPS 2019, Workshops on *Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning*